The Canton Fair Home and Electronics Appliances Fair

The 121st Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, will bring about the world’s largest appliances and electronics manufacturers into the Chinese stage in the form of exhibitions in Area A and B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex. The complex is located in Guangzhou and the event will run from April 15 to 19 of 2018. It covers various products such as home appliance products, electronic and electrical products, electronic information products, and consumer electronics. It will also host many manufacturers as well as consumers interested in the latest appliance and electronics innovations.

Highlights from the Event

* The exhibitions will cover the entire appliance and electronics industry chain, including 2,500 companies gathering on the site at the indicated date. It will particularly feature the top 200 Chines brands like People Electronics, Sanxin, Tigerhead, Jezetek, Skyworth, Galanz, Changhong, TCL, Midea, and Haier in order to present their latest consumer electronics and home appliances as well as technological innovations. Some repair companies such as Your appliance engineers also take interest in these events.

* These Chinese brands will come head-to-head with the international enterprises participating in 2017’s Canton Fair, which includes Indonesia’s Polytron, Korea’s Coway, and Egypt’s Fresh and Universal. The whole point of the event is to showcase intelligent and practical products that will help shape the electronics industry for the 2010s and beyond.

* The markets of consumer electronics and home appliances have been undergoing steady expansion in the world in general and in Asia in particular. In response to this, exhibitors of the China Import and Export Fair have incorporated mobile and Internet technologies into the forefront of their product development, which should further help appliances evolved in the coming decades, years, or even months.

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